Which institutions are convened?

Any university, higher education institution, research center or college where undergraduate or postgraduate courses are administered.

Participation axes

  1. The necessary cultural policies in the current civilizational context of their regions and countries, as well as their contribution to sustainable development.
  2. The transversal function of culture as the axis for the work of universities and its impact/incidence in sustainable development and social life.
  3. University and cultural policies for an inclusive and quality education towards 2030.

Forms of participation and registration

  • The participations can be with or without a paper. In the event that a paper is presented, it can be presented by:
    • Universities or higher education institutions
    • Groups of universities and/or higher education institutions that represent associations, regions, subregions or countries.
  • In both cases it will be necessary to choose one of the three axes for the theme to be developed.
  • You can participate in person or virtually through the platform.
  • In both cases, registration must be done through from May 15.
  • Papers must be submitted through the microsite no later than August 26, 2022.


  • The papers that will be presented in the forum will be a maximum of 60.
  • These 60 papers will be the first to be received after the opening date of the microsite, which will be May 15.
  • All the papers received, even exceeding the 60 that may be presented, will be published in the microsite repository as of September 27.
  • There is no limit for the publication of papers in the repository.
  • The quota for face-to-face participants is 200.
  • The quota for virtual participants is 1000.
  • Those who participate as speakers in the forum, with a presentation for the microsite or as face-to-face or virtual participants will be selected in strict order of arrival. Registration will close when the maximum number of each category is reached.


Papers must have a maximum of 7 pages or 2,500 words in 12-point font with 1.5 line spacing.


A final resolution will be signed and delivered to UNESCO, with the purpose of serving as input to the MONDIACULT 2022 intergovernmental meeting and in order to contribute to the generation of cultural policies that contribute to the sustainable development of regions, countries and communities.